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HOLLYWOOD _ The young adult adventure novel “Nightingale” (East India Press) by author David Farland is the grand prize winner of the 2012 Hollywood Book Festival, which honors books that deserve further attention from the film, television and multimedia communities.

The first book of a planned young adult series by videogame designer, screenwriter and producer Farland, “Nightingale” tells the story of Bron Jones, possessor of strange powers and a family origin that leads him on a fantastic journey to discover the world of his super-human people.

Despite its fantastic premise, the book also is a touching tale of the dreams and desires of a young man abandoned at birth and making his way in the world.

Farland will be honored at a private awards ceremony at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood on Saturday, July 21.

Other winners in the competition:


WINNER: Pink Honeysuckle – Barbara Everett Heintz

RUNNER-UP: Nigger for Life – Neal Hall, MD


  • Breaking Grand Silence – Marvin Josaitis

  • One More Season – Roberta Wilkes and Michael Lacey

  • Folsom Street Blues – Jim Stewart

  • Recalling Carl – Joseph Robert Cowles

  • The Window Blind – Patricia Colton

  • Minion: Book 1 – The Shudagon Trilogy – Justin Treece

  • The Gods of Ancient Egypt: A Practical Guide – Carolyn Patricia Scott

  • Put The Needle on the Record – Matthew Chojnacki

  • Memoirs of a Violent Sleeper – Matt Micheli

  • Lay Me Down – L. Marie Cook



WINNER: Inside the Outside – Martin Lastrapes

RUNNER-UP: Dead Wrestlers, Broken Necks & The Women Who Screwed Me Over – Jake Aurelian


  • Chulito – Charles Rice-Gonzalez

  • Roam – Alan Lazar

  • Spoonful – Chris Mendius

  • After the Flash – J.R. Madsen

  • Winds of Redemption – Harvey Goodman

  • Roppongi – Nick Vasey

  • A Brief Moment in Time – Jeane Watier

  • View from the Edge – Michael Kasenow

  • Death on a High Floor – Charles Rosenberg

  • Jane of the Jungle – Jane Baskin

  • Flashblind – Paul Bernstein

  • Columbus Avenue Boys – David Carraturo

  • This is Where I Came In – Mike Robertson

  • The Seventh Etching – Judith K. White

  • China Rising – Alexander Scipio

  • A Ruby for Victor – Ronald C. Tobin

  • The Yellow Braid – Karen Coccioli

  • Code Name Sonny – K.E. Pottie

  • Love Has Nothing to Do With It – Peter S. Fischer

  • Iran: A Persian Tapestry – Nooshie Motaref

  • Crumbling Cookies – J. Koker

  • Thorn of Bexar – Robert Wuench & Howard Carman

  • I, Putin – Jennifer Ciotta

  • Dancing Naked with the Devil – Bernard Mendillo

  • City of Slaughter – Cynthia Drew

  • The Last Moon – DeAnn Lubell

  • Dark Lake – Louise Gaylord

  • Last Stop Freedom – Ann Nolder Heinz



WINNER: Son of Forgotten Hollywood: Forgotten History – Manny Pacheco

RUNNER-UP: North of Hollywood – Rick Lenz


  • Marilyn at Rainbow’s End – Darwin Porter

  • No Limits: How I Beat the Slots – Deborah Kilday

  • J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson – Darwin Porter

  • Beamish Boy: A Memoir – Albert Flynn Desilver

  • The Oxygen Mask Rule – Martha L. Thompson

  • Firegal…Rising from the Ashes – Gina L. Geldbach-Hall

  • Houston Pretty Enough – Kim Halsey with Charles Lupula

  • Follow the River: Lost in the Mountains of Mexico - Dahlia

  • Walkout – Henry C. Woodrum

  • Jim Reeves: His Untold Story – Larry Jordan

  • The Iron Butterfly: Memoir of a Martial Arts Master – Choon-Ok Jade Harmon with Ana Maria Rodriguez

  • In The Shadow of the Cross – Charles L. Bailey, Jr.

  • To Drink the Wild Air – Birgit Soyka

  • Ricardo Breceda/Accidental Artist – Diana Lindsay


WINNER: Do You Know Where You Live? – Haydee Maymi

RUNNER-UP: Maybe: A Little Zen for Little Ones – Sanjay Nambiar


  • Quickly’s Magical Pancake Adventure – Miriam Kronish & Jeryl Abelmann/illustrated by Chason Matthams

  • Candace Says…”You’re Not The Boss of Me” – Lynda C. Wade/illustrated by Cleo Wardsy

  • Mama’s Bag – Anat Tour

  • The Vanishing Squid – Katie Foster

  • Pink Hamster and the Big Birthday Surprise – Eileen Wacker – illustrated by Alan M. Low

  • Aspey’s Adventures with Aspergers – Michael Werner

  • Mother Holle’s Fairy Tale – Miro Pokorny illustrated by Miro Vrabel

  • The Popcorn Hydrangea of Poppingtom – Suzie Canale/illustrated by Kevin Coffey

  • Look at Me…A Chef I Want to Be! – Karean L. Chapman/illustrated by Izabela Ciesinska

  • Stripey Follows His Dream – Gail Melville Shumway

  • Hooligan Bear – Home – Ian Toynton/illustrated by Andrea Dietrich

  • Read to Your Pets – Cynthia C. Phillips

  • The Magic Spoon – Richard DeFabio

  • Funny Dan, the Race Car Man – Tim Packman


WINNER: Mary’s Mosaic – Peter Janney

RUNNER-UP: The Ascension of Jerry – Chip Jacobs


  • Things the Dead Fear – Christopher Louis LaPrath

  • The Creek with No Name – Ken Bilderback with Kris Bilderback

  • The Legal Kiss – Victoria Sutton

  • Business Professionalism – Bruce Strom

  • I Will Never Forget – Elaine C. Pereira

  • Summer of Love, My Ass! – H.T. Brown

  • Love & Impasse – Denise Richard

  • Silent Voices – Debbie Nau Redmond

  • Soul Centered – Sarah McLean

  • Safari Jema – Teresa O’Kane

  • The Amazing Adventures of Nobody – Leon Logothetis

  • The Girl from the Tower – Joanna Giangardella


WINNER: Nightingale – David Farland

RUNNER-UP: Letters from the Ledge – Lynda Meyers


  • Girl Unmoored – Jennifer Gooch Hummer

  • Meridienne Drake – Secrets of the Truth – Jessica Dragon Cheramie

  • Torn – Christine Hughes

  • Anvil of Moonlight – William Weyr

  • Flying Through Music – Susan Zeidler

  • Goodbye Tchaikovsky – Michael Thal

  • Amiranda – John P. Adamo

  • Gamadin: Word of Honor – Tom Kirkbride

  • Love & Leftovers – Sarah Tregay

  • Freek Show – Steve Burt


WINNER: Q Awakening – G.M. Lawrence

RUNNER-UP: Open Source – M.M. Frick


  • Inside: Book 1 of the Bulletproof Series – Brenda Novak

  • The Death of Eve – Shaun Penney

  • Blood Life – Gianna Perada

  • The Dark Before Dawn – Laurie Stevens

  • The Sylvan Horn – Robert Redinger

  • Lies of Convenience – M.M. Gornell

  • Satin Shorts – George Snyder

  • The Immune – Doc “Lucky” Meisenheimer

  • The Hand in the Mirror – Mark Davis

  • Sandmann – Glenna Jarvis

  • Perfection Unleashed – Jade Kerrion

  • The Bane of Yoto – Joshua Viola with Nicholas Karpuk

  • HR-Ultra – J. Emory


WINNER: Unique – Kelleigh Elizabeth Rae


WINNER: Eugenus – Victor Ramon Mojica



WINNER: How to Be a Happy Actor in a Challenging Business – Justina Vail

RUNNER-UP: Big Wave Surfing – Kenneth Thurber


  • Attitude Reconstruction – Jude Bijou

  • Abstract Painting: A Practical Approach – Hennie Reimer

  • How to Get Real About Dating: A Father and Daughter's Guide to Finding Love at Any Age – Lauren and William Hamilton

  • Imperfect Weddings are Best – Dr. Sherry L. Meinberg

  • Lemons, Lemonade & Life – Janet D. Thomas


WINNER: William & Lucy – Michael Brown

RUNNER-UP: A Savage Darkness – Greg Norgaard


  • Plant Teacher – Caroline Alethia

  • Rising Sunsets – DH Cermeno

  • The Two Stepfathers of the Country – Kevin Cantillano

  • Last Stop Freedom – Ann Nolder Heinz


Men or Monsters – Tyler Duniho

RUNNER-UP: Army Brat – K. Patrick Malone

HONORABLE MENTION: Dolphin Boy and Other Stories – Elizabeth Zinn


WINNER: Dreamriders – Dianne Buxton and Vone Deporter

RUNNER-UP: Time-Link – Grant Lee




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