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HOLLYWOOD, Ca. (July 7, 2011) _ The remarkable biography of a world-class chef’s rise and ultimate triumph over cancer is the grand prize winner of the 2011 Hollywood Book Festival, which celebrates books worthy of greater attention from the film, television, game and multimedia industries.

“Life, on the Line: A Chef’s Story of Chasing Greatness, Facing Death and Redefining the Way We Eat (Gotham Books) tells the story of Grant Achatz, who achieved the kind of acclaim most chefs dream about, winning Best New Chef honors from Food & Wine magazine and the James Beard Foundation’s Rising Chef of the Year award.

Then he was diagnosed with stage IV tongue cancer.

His remarkable biography, co-authored with restaurant partner Nick Kokonas, is the “Brian’s Song” of the culinary world and a page-turning read for food lovers, inspirational story fans and those who want an inside peak in the high-stakes world of major restaurants.

The authors and other winners in the competition will be honored July 22 at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

Other winners in the competition :


WINNER: Quintspinner – A Pirate’s Quest – Dianne Greenlay

RUNNER-UP: Kali Kara – Shima City – Kris Palm


  • Watersmeet – Ellen J. Abbott
  • My Life After Life – A Posthumous Memoir – Galen Stoller, edited by K. Paul Stoller  
  • Tuesday’s Child – Carolyn Gibbs
  • The Great Adventures of Thomas Trumpet – S. T. Adams
  • The League of Freaks and the Secret Key – Alberto Hazan
  • Freefall – Anna Levine



    WINNER: Life, on the Line – Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas

    RUNNER-UP: Unraveling Anne – Laurel Saville


  • Winchell and Runyon – Trustin Howard
  • A Fall to New Heights – Sidney Andrews
  • The Kennedys – All the Gossip That’s Fit To Print – Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince
  • The Maybelline Story – Sharrie Williams with Bettie Youngs
  • When Someday Comes – Joe Markko
  • Box of Mustaches – Stan Evans
  • On Toby’s Terms – Charmaine Hammond
  • Walking the Tiger’s Path – Paul M. Kendel
  • Solacers: A Memoir – Arion Gomakani



    WINNER: The Murder Room – Michael Capuzzo

    RUNNER-UP: Bringing Up Oscar – Debra Ann Pawlak


  • M-G-M: Hollywood’s Greatest Backlot – Steven Bingen, Stephen X. Sylvester, Michael Troyan
  • Great Negotiations: Agreements that Changed the World – Fredrik Stanton
  • Taking Back the Courts – Norm Pattis
  • My Country is the World – Garry Davis
  • Chasing Dreamtime – Neva Sullaway
  • A Man from Another Land – Isaiah Washington
  • Hell on Two Wheels – Amy Snyder
  • Driven – Rising Above It All – Michael Carrington



    WINNER: Sikander – M. Salahuddin Khan

    RUNNER-UP: The Ghosts of Anatolia – Steven E. Wilson


  • Standing in for Lana – Richard Frattali
  • The Clan – Sarah Woodward
  • Anarcho Grow – T.A. Sedlak
  • Separation of Faith – Cheri Laser
  • To Live and Die for Dance – Francine Paino
  • Phyllis Marie – Terry Row
  • The Gray Zone – Daphna Ziman
  • Aggie’s Nine Heroes – Diana Laurence
  • Mississippi Flyway – Nel Rand
  • Tales from my Hard Drive – Megan Karasch
  • Celtic Tales 3 Love – Jill Whalen
  • Clearing House – Michael Lee Cannon
  • Falling in Love with Sophia – Robert Krantz
  • Zeus Blinked – Adrian Crook
  • Genghis Khan, World Conqueror – Vol. 1 & 2– Sam Djang
  • Hana-Lani – Christine Sunderland
  • Game Over – Bernie Dubois
  • A Short History of a Tall Jew – Dennis Danziger
  • Tucker’s Monster – SS Wilson
  • Marvin Piersoll – Bernard Mendillo
  • Rose’s Betrayal and Survival – Phyllis A. Collmann
  • The Burning Gavel – Norman Shabel



    WINNER: Unreasonable Inferences – Michael Griesbach

    RUNNER-UP: Pennsylvania Dutch – A Dark Moon for Dying – Mary Wannagat


  • The Torah Codes – Ezra Barany
  • Jack and the Jungle Lion – Stephen Jared
  • Henrietta the Dragon Slayer – Beth Barany
  • The Sin of Addison Hall – Jeffrey A. Onorato
  • Nightstalker – Rebecca Rock
  • Homecoming: Osguards Guardians of the Universe – Malcolm D. Petteway
  • Stories 4 Women – Amy Artino, Ashley Ratcliff, Mary Scott, Rebecca Villaneda
  • Lorcan’s Bane – Kitty Roxanna Connell
  • Open Source – Matthew Frick



    WINNER: A Break in the Rain – Tony Lotti


  • Lessons from Oz – Julienne La Fleur
  • The Shadow of a Dog I Can’t Forget – Mary Kennedy Eastham
  • Rominus – Jonathan Amaret
  • My Bad Tequila – Rico Austin
  • The Horrible Alien Visitor – Michelle Mead



    WINNER: Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets – Carole Lieberman, M.D.


    301 Smart Answers to Tough Business Etiquette Questions – Vicky Oliver


  • How to Help When Parents Grieve – Holly Fox Vellekoop
  • Money Management Easy as 1, 2, 3 – Ernest Burley, Jr.



    WINNER: Quickly – The Magic Spatula – Jeryl Abelmann/Miriam Kronish/Chason Matthams

    RUNNER-UP: The Most Beautiful Color of All – Kelly Fischer/Michelle Duckworth


  • The Perfect Orange: A Tale from Ethiopia – Frank P. Araujo/Xiao Jun Li
  • Is the Bald Eagle Sleeping? – Jocelyn Won
  • Pop Pop’s Magic Chair – David Russell/Frank Furlong
  • Beatrice Pigeon Goes to Mexico – Lisa Young/Joan Neath
  • Skater Kate – Hilary Malloy
  • A Whale’s Tale – Daniel S. Janik/Ruth Janik
  • Bogie Sees Paris – Arleen Shabel
  • Paris Goes To Los Angeles – Jenna Conwisar
  • The Laughing River – Elizabeth H. Vega
  • Bubblecubes – Sandy Pugh
  • Look at Me…A Musician I Want to Be! – Karean L. Chapman/Izabela Ciesinska
  • Traegonia – The Ember Rune – K.S. Krueger/Dino C. Crisanti



    WINNER: Devil Wind – Deborah Shlian and Linda Reid


  • Pinocchio in the Hood- Hugh Kelley and Lang Elliott
  • Inform Them, Reform Them, Transform Them – James E. Puckett



    WINNER: Trickster: Native America Tales A Graphic Collection – Matt Dembicki



    WINNER: Esoteric – Forrest Boston



    WINNER: So Go On and Live – Erick Galindo





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