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FAQ 2009 Hollywood Book Festival



Will Clarke is a campfire story-teller, and that's no insult. Clarke's wry, deadly sense of humor and keen insight into the cloistered world of the Southern fraternity has yielded "The Worthy: A Ghost's Story," a novel that captured the 2007 Hollywood Book Festival's top honors.

Clarke, who had his own bad experience with a Southern fraternity during his college years, draws on those memories to create Conrad, the victim of a brutal hazing incident at Louisiana State University's Gamma Chi. The spirit of Conrad returns to earth and enters the body of an unsuspecting pledge with the goal of bringing down chapter president Ryan Hutchins. The plot twists and the vivid descriptions of such peculiar Southern institutions as the big football game make this book a page-turning must.

A native of Shreveport, Louisiana, Clarke originally self-published "The Worthy," building a cult following on the Net and via independent books stores. He later republished "The Worthy" and his first novel, "Lord Vishnu's Love Handles," with Simon & Schuster.

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